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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

How are Steve Spurrier and his wife enjoying his retirement? Here's your answer

Today is May 4th - a.k.a Star Wars Day, so naturally you're going to see creative stuff like this all day

The quote of the day

Elon put a nice little twist on the Matthew McConaughey commercial for recruiting, and it turned out really, really good

Wichita State is interested in leaving the Missouri Valley for the Mountain West, and is considering adding football to strengthen their profile. The Shockers dropped football in 1986.


The best from yesterday:

The 11 characteristics of the top offensive coordinators in high school and college football

Dabo dishes advice to coaches looking to rise in the coaching profession, and he also got in on the #RunningManChallenge yesterday

This film will shatter perceptions of the "dumb jock" stereotype

The Climb profiles how a high school team picked themselves up after their 69-game win streak was snapped