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Wednesday's One Minute Warm Up

To Get Your Blood Moving:

- Geno Smith will miss the next 6-to-10 weeks because a teammate sucker punched him and broke his jaw. That's awful. This tweet from Jared Lorenzen is not.

- While we're on the subject of big guys doing awesome things:

- A trucker spilled Bud Light all over a Florida highway because he was distracted by his dog.

- Surely you've seen those "Straight Outta ____" templates on your timeline this week. Most of them are awful. This is not.

- Is this the low-tech solution your wide receivers and tight ends need to take the next step?

In Case You Missed It:

- What coaches who ban social media are really telling their players.

- Some scoopage from yesterday: Notre Dame and Showtime will partner for a "Hard Knocks" type show following the Irish through the regular season.

- How some coaches keep their players cool through blazing August temperatures.

- One rogue brewery employee came up with a pretty cool college football idea.

- Jason Witten walks you through one of the biggest plays of the past NFL season.