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Week 4: Did you see that play that [insert team here] ran this weekend?


A few weeks ago now, we started this think tank article focused on drawing attention to the more intriguing plays and schemes that teams used over the weekend. Here's a link to week 2, and this one will take you to week 3.

Here, I’ve compiled a handful of them I came across during Saturday and Sunday's action for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to share them with the rest of your staff, and decide whether to use them now, later, or down the road.

  • Utah pulled off the old halfback pass off of outsize zone action (complete with pulling guard) in their 62-20 romp over Oregon.
  • Louisiana-Monroe rolled out a nice zone blitz against Alabama, bringing the defensive tackle and an inside linebacker (both seemingly through the same B-gap) and dropping the defensive end.
    • TCU ran some trickeration with QB Trevone Boykin coming up to the line to audible, pausing for a second, and the center directs snaps it to the RB, who flips it a WR, while Boykin leaks out into the flat and hauls in a controversial catch (which was promptly reviewed).
    • Everyone has seen the ending of the TCU vs. Texas Tech game by now, but what's really interesting is the route combo at the bottom of the screen, away from where the ball was thrown. Take a closer look and you'll notice a pick route at the bottom of the screen below by the #3 receiver on the left. The #2 receiver is wide open early, and has to resort to making the play on the tip in the back of the end zone.