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Why the weight room is special, summed up perfectly in one tweet

There's a reason that most college coaches believe their most important hire is their strength guy, and why more and more programs are starting to make sure that they're compensated accordingly. The weight room is a special place, and should be led by an intense, educated, passionate individual that understands the value that sweat equity in the weight room, surrounded by teammates working toward a common goal, has.

I recently came across this tweet from coach Ryan Horn, who serves as the director of athletic performance at Wake Forest, and he hits the nail on the head.

Horn played football for three seasons at James Madison (FCS - VA), and has also worked with basketball programs, but what really caught my eye was the fact that he was able to sum up the importance of the weight room perfectly in less than 280 characters.

There is so much truth in that tweet that is easy for us to see as coaches, but difficult for the kids we're all trying to get in the weight room to realize.

Well said coach Horn.