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Well, this should certainly be interesting....

August 24th update>

Despite LSU Athletics' working "aggressively" to get a Beer Garden in place for the season, today, LSU deputy director of athletics Eddie Nunez stated, "We just said we're going to put it on the back burner this year". Nunez added the school officials needed more time to work through issues with SEC officials on this matter. However, Nunez did point out the Tigers have added a new premium section the Skyline Club, located on the south deck of Tiger Stadium which will serve alcohol.

To recap, no beer garden for regular ticket holders, yes for new premium club section with alcohol.

-- Read more via the Baton Rouge Business Report.

Original article (March 28th)>

As if LSU games weren't already drunk enough, soon Tigers fans may have the opportunity to purchase beer inside Tiger Stadium.

According to the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, LSU is pursuing installing a beer garden inside Death Valley -- though nothing is finalized to this point.

“We are aggressively working to have it in place in the fall,” LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard told the paper. “But we are still working through everything to make it happen.”

Beer sales are prohibited inside SEC stadiums (club and suite levels excepted), so LSU would be the first to offer beer to the general public, though in a limited capacity inside a specific section of the stadium.

“The goal is to do it for our fans who don’t have access to the premium areas,” AD Joe Alleva said.

There is thought in college sports circles that offering beer inside stadiums would decrease the overall level of drunkenness inside the stadium, disincentivizing patrons from binge drinking before kickoff and/or sneaking liquor inside the stands since they would know permissible alcohol is eligible for purchase. However, at a place where bourbon can be smelled in the air, it's possible LSU fans may take the opportunity to simply add alcohol on top of alcohol.

One absolutely certain affect of selling beer at football games? More money for LSU. Texas, to pick one example, made $1.3 million from beer and wine sales in 2016 alone.

Update: As always, Scott Van Pelt said it better than anyone else could.