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"We've started to mentally prepare for workouts like we prep for games"


Back in December, Georgia head strength and conditioning Joe Tereshinski Jr. stepped down after being a part of the program since 1982, taking over the head job in 2011. To replace him, UGA hired Mark Hocke, the co-associate strength and conditioning coach at Alabama, known for his high energy approach.

Since arriving to campus, Hocke has instituted some new interesting new changes that the players have embraced, according to The Telegraph. Among the changes are an absence of country music Fridays, a new mental approach to the weight room, and one player noted that the changes have made "lifting fun again."

"I think there's been a lot more accountability and discipline instilled in us, a lot more being taught how to be a leader, being taught how to calculate an attitude, as coach Hocke calls it," senior tackle John Theus explained.

Theus then explained a little more about the calculated attitude approach that Hocke has brought with him.

"Looking at a workout like you go into a game. When you go into a game you calculate that attitude and you go bust your behind in the game. You do the same thing in the workout."

Getting players to understand how to calculate their attitude everyday has led to the weight room environment and off season experience being more fun, and thus more productive, which is something that everyone can learn from.

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