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What's your Best Best for Week 5? The FootballScoop staff weighs in

Bobby Petrino, Will Gardner

If nothing else, we're consistent. Through four weeks, each of the FootballScoop staff's best bets have come at a 75 percent hit just depends on if you're riding for or against us. Zach has hit three of four, while Scott and Doug have gone the other way. This week, we've all gone with the same strategy of taking heavy favorites to blow away their outmatched opponents. We'll see how it works out for us.

Scott: Louisville -21.5 vs. Wake Forest


Every now and then Bobby Petrino just needs to score 50 or he has trouble sleeping at night. I think this is going to be one of those weeks. And this just isn't the year for Wake. They'll try, and lose. Badly.

Doug: TCU -31.5 vs. SMU


I could have went a number of different ways this week, but needing a lock to help my win percentage, I decided to go with TCU at -31.5 over SMU. SMU has struggled epically so far this season in all facets, and Gary Patterson always has his guys ready to go. This is another one that could get ugly for SMU.

Zach: Auburn -32 vs. Louisiana Tech


My strategy of taking a large home favorite has hit at 75 percent this season, failing only when I took Pitt on the road, but I guess that's what you get when you take Pitt on the road. Louisiana Tech is a hard team to figure, blowing out respectable programs in Louisiana-Lafayette and North Texas, but losing to Northwestern State last week. Vegas sees this as a 42-10 Auburn win, but I think the Tigers hit 50 after an extended week of what should be focused practice following a frustrating (at least offensively) win over Kansas State a week ago.

Picks I'll wish I made if this one goes bad: Louisville -21 vs. Wake Forest, Baylor -21.5 at Iowa State, Wisconsin -34 vs. South Florida

This season: Scott (1-3), Doug (1-3), Zach (3-1)