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What's the best thing you picked up / learned at a clinic this off season?

Clinic season is a fully recognized portion of an off season for pretty much all coaches. It's a great opportunity after the season for coaches to get together and learn from each other, and a lot of great ideas are exchanged.

Whether it was a formally recognized clinic, one a college or university put on, or you loaded your staff up for a weekend trip somewhere to bounce ideas off another staff, I thought it would be a fun task to compile some of those things that coaches learned from each other here in an article to share with the entire coaching profession.

It's worth noting that a lot of great ideas are shared outside of the scheduled sessions, in the lobbies, hallways, and scribbled on bar and restaurant napkins and receipts. There are plenty of good ideas shared that way as well.

It could be something scheme related, weight room or off season related, something program-development wise, or anythin in between.

I'll start things off, using the hashtag #BestOffseasonPickup, and compile some of the other ideas shared here below. Also feel free to share via email, at

Email submission:

The best thing I picked up from a clinic this off season was at the Olathe North clinic. The Liberty (MO) HC was talking about not giving up on players and continuing to build relationships with them, even when they quit your program. It just struck me. How many times do we as coaches just write that kid that quit off. It forced me to rethink some truths that I had held onto.