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What's in Ron Rivera's office? Take a look inside

The first thought I had when looking inside Ron Rivera's office is just how.... office-y it is.


Rivera's office has more in common with a Regional Director of Outside Sales at Bank of America than a college football coach. And then it hit me: there's no need for Rivera's office to be a museum; he's not recruiting anybody.

The Carolina Panthers ran a feature on their head coach's office, and here are a few of my favorites:


This Ronald Reagan quote cuts to the core of every coach's goal in every season in every sport since the beginning of sports.


Want to know Rivera's coaching philosophy? Take the words from those pages, boil them to a stew and you'll have a large portion of it.


Every coach should have one of these.


An inside joke from Rivera's time with the San Diego Chargers has stuck with him to Charlotte.

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