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While most programs are taking it easy on Monday, Jim Harbaugh has U of M doing the "Michigan Mile"


After a physical battle on Saturday's in the fall, a lot of programs around college football opt to use Sunday and Monday as days for players to recoup. Normally this means getting everyone together to watch some film on the upcoming opponent, and maybe incorporate a walk through or fit in a light practice heavy on teaching but light on contact to keep guys fresh, and their minds engaged.

On Monday afternoons in Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh and his staff have instituted a new plan aimed at reengaging the bodies and minds of Michigan players as they prep for another week of play. The new plan? The entire team competes in a mile run.

Harbaugh explained to the Detroit News yesterday that the mile run while players are recuperating accomplishes a few different things that he feels are important, especially as the season wears on.

"Number 1 conditioning, number 2, just get the lactic acid out. Good way to make the body feel better." Harbaugh explained.

"It's good to run. I think distance running does that. You have to coordinate your whole mind and body with some distance running."

Four games into the season, players (especially the bigs) readily admit that they aren't huge fans of the run. Each run is timed, and the results are tracked throughout the year. Harbaugh noted that this week he may give the big fellas a head start so they have a shot at beating some of the skill guys to the finish line.

Are you a program that takes it easy on Monday's with a walk through and a film session, or do you prefer something along the lines of what Harbaugh and his staff at Michigan are doing?

Read the full piece from the Detroit News here.