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Who made it best? 100 days to football videos

We passed a significant offseason milestone yesterday, with only 100 days between then and the first Saturday of the 2014 college football season. To mark the occasion, a number of schools released videos hyping the upcoming season. 

Which means it's our job to decide: Who Made It Best?

Mississippi State:

Grade: B. Certainly nothing wrong with this video, but there's nothing extraordinary here, either. "Thunderstruck" has to be the most played song in the history of hype videos.

N.C. State:

Grade: A-. If the goal here is to raise some goosebumps, then mission accomplished. The only points deduction came simply because it's not as long as others on this list. 

Eastern Michigan:

Grade: A-. More videos and less photos would have been nice, but otherwise this is great. Not too long, not too short, and it sets the tone perfectly. 


Grade: A-. The tone isn't as urgent as Eastern Michigan's, but the quality here is undeniable. 


Grade: A+. Creativity, quality, tone, music choice, it's all there. No words are spoken, but the ending graphic "100 Days" says everything the viewer needs to know. 

Who do you think made it best? Who else released a "100 Days to Football" video yesterday?