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Why do players on this NFL team have tennis balls taped to their hands?

Last week, we touched on some of first-year Giants head coach Joe Judge's unconventional methods with his new NFL team. One example was coaches and players having to take a lap when they made a mistake, which one player noted is something he hadn't done since his middle school days.

We can add more unconventional and rather interesting idea to that growing list, based on some pictures that came out of Giants practices yesterday.

Those pictures showed tennis balls secured to the hands of defensive backs. For a staff that obviously thinks outside the box in some ways, what possible reason could there be for that? Turns out, it's a method Judge and his New York staff are using to prevent defensive backs from holding.

"We're not going to accept penalties. So we'll find any little trick we can to teach them," Judge shared, via Dan Duggan's tweet below.

It's clear that Judge and his staff have some unique methods up their sleeve, so this is going to be an interesting staff to watch for little things like this.

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