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Why hasn't Matt Campbell left for a more high-profile job?

Auburn. Tennessee. Texas. Florida State. Oregon. Ole Miss. Miami. North Carolina.

Those are just a few of the high profile jobs that have opened since Matt Campbell has turned around the Iowa State program, and his name was brought up as a candidate at more than a few of those, and a host of others since he's taken over in Ames. His first season laid a foundation at 3-9, and they've won at least 7 games each season since, catapulting his name to the top of the wish list at a number of places.

...and that's just at the college level. There were reports this past off season that the Lions offered him a massive contract worth nearly $70 million to get things turned around for them, and the Jets also had him high on their wish list as well.

You get the point. Campbell has had his pick of jobs over the years.

A lot of those jobs are the kind of gigs that coaches work their entire careers to be in the conversation for. As each off season passes, so far, Matt Campbell has decided to reaffirm his commitment to the Cyclones, and he is often rewarded with a new deal and a locker room full of coaches and players that are even more bought in, primed and ready to overachieve again.

So why hasn't Campbell left for a more "high profile" gig?

On ESPNU earlier today, Campbell provided an eye opening answer to that question.

"I didn't get into this profession to be somebody. I got into this profession to do something."

With that answer, Campbell makes it clear that Ames is the place where he feels like he can have the most impact.

That isn't going to stop teams from probing about his interest in other jobs, but it's a 100% honest take, stripped of the typical coachspeak, that many will find refreshing