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Why High School Football Coaches use Guardian Caps

You may have seen Clemson, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Penn State, Washington, or Stanford using Guardian Caps, but have you heard from actual head coaches on why they use Caps?

Added Safety & Protection:

Coach Glen Johnson, Boliver HS MO

“Guardian Caps have become a MUST in our program. Game changer. It really allowed us to be physical in practice while keeping our guys healthy for Friday’s. It’s hard to put a price and keeping athletes healthy, the Guardian Cap simply works!”

Coach Marty McSorley, New London HS IA

I purchased my Guardian Caps last year and love the extra protection.”

Coach Matt Logan, Corona Centennial HS CA

"Guardian Caps are a great solution to bring more safety to the game. They are an important piece of our practice gear and we've also noticed a reduction in hand injuries because of them. They are a great product that is very affordable."

Protected Helmet Paint & Decals:

Coach Marty McSorley, New London HS IA

“Guardian Caps have saved me a lot of money this year on helmet reconditioning.”

Coach Jimmy Joyce, Canby HS OR

“I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Caps! I had a few assistants who were hesitant at first but by the end of the year they were fully on board and admitted that they were a useful purchase. I was also impressed how well they saved paint, and I loved how excited parents were to see them on players. Great investment, trying to get our youth in them next year!”

Coach Jeremy Colver, Leon HS TX

“I believe Caps serve several purposes for us…. Reduces the amount of helmet-to-helmet contact during practices… Reduces the amount of wear & tear on our helmets, paint jobs, & stickers.”

Coaches see the benefits on their players:

Coach John Fiore, Montclair HS NJ

“We saw a huge benefit from the Guardian Caps over the previous year, especially for our linemen.”

Coach Rob Salm, Appleton North HS WI

“We love our Guardian Caps. They have held up well and I feel they are making a difference for our players.”

Coach Matt Music, Richland Co HS IL

"Your Guardian Caps have done great things for our program!”

Coaches are extremely satisfied with Guardian Caps:

Coach Chip Petree, Fort Walton Beach HS FL

“Absolutely the best decision I have made as a coach. Will order more in the spring!”

Coach Justin Hemm, Brighton HS UT

“I couldn't be more satisfied with the Guardian Caps. I would encourage any program to invest in them.”

Coach John Fiore, Montclair HS NJ

I’d recommend for everyone to use Guardian Caps.”

Coach Brian Lewis, Howell HS MI

“Love them. Huge proponent of the Guardian Cap!”

Guardian Caps are used by over 100,000 athletes nationwide to reduce impact in practice. If you’d like to learn more about how Guardian Caps can better protect your team visit: