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Why Jim Mora stayed at UCLA: Family


Texas wanted Jim Mora. Badly. The 'Horns threw out all the stops in a four-hour meeting with Mora so much that it had him, a former NFL coach for two different franchises, taken aback at how far they would go to get their guy. He was impressed, and admitted at an earlier time in life he probably would have taken it. But there was one thing UCLA had that Texas couldn't match, no matter how many perks they threw his way: family.

"That's No. 1 in his life, his family," Mora's father, Jim E. Mora, said. "His job's important to him, and he's good at it. But it's not No. 1 in his life. That spot belongs to his family."

Chris Low of ESPN has an excellent piece on why Mora stayed at UCLA, and why he'll probably be there for the foreseeable future. Much of it echoes what we wrote about the situation eight months ago, but it adds some interesting color from the parties themselves.

Check it out.