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Will Muschamp to Barry Odom: "Stay f---ing positive."

Barry Odom is suffering through a tough first season at Missouri. Will Muschamp, in his first season at South Carolina, is not.

Odom's season was made worse and Muschamp's better by the Gamecocks' 31-21 win in Columbia East on Saturday night. But, that's sports. Dividing the workforce between winners and losers each weekend is the entire basis of the industry.

That established, the veteran Muschamp imparted some words of wisdom, learned through the pain of experience, to the rookie Odom in the pair's postgame handshake. "You know what? You're a hell of a coach," Muschamp says. "I know how it is, from my year at Florida. Don't let them get your ass down. Stay f---ing positive."

Really cool moment here during the coaches handshake. USC HC Will Muschamp had some advice for @MizzouFootball HC Barry Odom.

— Andrew Kauffman (@A_Kauff) November 6, 2016