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Will Muschamp: "There is no five-year plan. The plan is to win right now."

Every coach wants the season to start, but perhaps none more than Will Muschamp.

The first-year South Carolina head coach currently stands between the twin shadows of former South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier and former Florida head coach Will Muschamp. He won't be able to emerge from those shadows until the season starts -- and even then, it won't truly happen until South Carolina starts winning again. Inheriting a team coming off a 3-9 season, that's easier said than done.

Still, Muschamp plans to start winning immediately. "There's no three-year plan, there's no five-year plan. We want to win now."

That plan, according to Muschamp, involves doing everything he did at Florida except for the offensive side of the ball, where results need to be exactly the opposite of his blue-and-orange days. Muschamp brought former Gators offensive coordinator Kurt Roper with him to Columbia, believing if he'd hired him earlier both would still be in Gainesville.

With no clear-cut answer at quarterback entering fall camp, we can only wait and see if that belief will ultimately be validated. One thing is certain, though: Muschamp is probably counting the seconds until we get there.

Tweets from Muschamp's turn at the podium in Hoover: