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Will Muschamp on unsportsmanlike flag: "Drop it at my feet next time."

South Carolina lost to Florida 38-27 on Saturday, a winnable game that slipped away thanks to a 21-0 run by the Gators in the fourth quarter before a cosmetic score in the final two minutes by the Gamecocks pulled the closing deficit to 11.

Two things are simultaneously true about this game: Florida out-executed South Carolina down the stretch, and Florida benefitted from significant help from the team in stripes.

With South Carolina leading 17-10 early in the second half, the officials missed a clear false start by a Gators offensive lineman. Instead of a 1st-and-15 from their own 20, the play turned into a 75-yard Florida touchdown.

Then, with Florida leading 24-20 midway through the fourth quarter, officials missed clear offensive pass interference on a Kyle Trask touchdown pass. Rather than a 1st-and-goal from the 20, it was a touchdown and a 31-20 Florida lead.

Muschamp was ballistic after that no-call, and eventually his anger boiled over into an unsportsmanlike conduct flag with the game out of reach.

After the game, Muschamp was still clearly livid about the officiating. He didn't seem to have a problem with his unsportsmanlike conduct flag as much as the manner in which it was thrown.

"The guy ran 40 yards away and dropped a flag," Muschamp said. "I'd rather him drop it on my feet.... Drop it on my feet next time. Don't go 40 yards away and drop a flag, how about that?"