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Will Muschamp's reading glasses are now a souvenir item

It's been a wild season thus far for Will Muschamp. The year began with a loss to North Carolina, and his most recent game was a road win over No. 3 Georgia.

Along the way, Muschamp has publicly come to grips with the reality of aging. The guy who, a decade-plus ago, was a fiery 30-something coordinator known as Coach Boom is now a veteran head coach with his 50th birthday approaching down the road, and with that comes a new nickname: Professor Muschamp.

"You know what? I'm getting old," Muschamp said after breaking out reading glasses on the sideline for South Carolina's 28-7 win over Kentucky on Sept. 28. "I can't read anymore, especially at night. It's been a shitty fall. I've got more gray hair than I've ever had, my wife doesn't like hanging around losers, I've been losing, so it ain't been good."

On Saturday, the Gamecocks will play their first home game, vs. No. 9 Florida, since the debut of Professor Muschamp, and South Carolina is celebrating the occasion by passing out souvenir reading glasses to USC students.

Here's hoping Professor Muschamp's first lesson will be how to beat two top-10 teams in two straight weeks.