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Willie Taggart is having players earn the opportunity to wear single digit numbers

There are plenty of changes being instituted by Willie Taggart and his staff at Florida State this spring as they take over after Jimbo Fisher's run of eight seasons.

One of the more significant changes is that the single-digits are no longer being simply handed out. Now, players have to earn the right to wear numbers 1-9.

According to a brief note in an ESPN article, Seminole players who wore single digits last year are now wearing other numbers for spring practices, and Taggart and his staff are constantly evaluating players to see who will get the opportunity to don numbers 1-9 come fall.

As Taggart shares, the idea is a throwback to when he was growing up.

"I know when I was growing up, the single digits went to the dudes. That's kind of how we want it. Not everyone can be a single digit. Getting it is being one of the best."

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