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Why Willie Taggart is now the centerpiece of the entire coaching carousel

Willie Taggart's actions over the next few days will tell us whether or not Jimbo Fisher is taking the Texas A&M job.

If that seems confusing, let's back up a few steps.

It's no secret that Texas A&M is going after Jimbo Fisher, and Jimbo is going out of his way not to knock down those rumors. In response, it's been reported Florida State will target Taggart to replace Fisher.

And in response to that, it's being reported that Oregon is sweetening the pot to keep Taggart in Eugene.

Jimmy Sexton is Fisher's agent. He's also Taggart's agent. If anyone would know Jimbo's plans, it would be Sexton, and thus Taggart.

Taggart's actions over the rest of the week will be telling. Florida State plays on Saturday, so nothing official is expected to happen until late Saturday or Sunday.

And if Wednesday becomes Thursday and Thursday bleeds into Friday without Taggart signing Oregon's offer, the more real it seems that Florida State will have an opening -- its first such opening in 40 years -- and Taggart will be in play for said opening.

In the event Taggart does leave Eugene -- his buyout makes him shockingly available -- sources told FootballScoop that Oregon could create another reaction down the chain, because the Ducks' search would start at the Power 5 sitting head coach-level.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.