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Willie Taggart's reported act of generosity toward 200 kids at a youth camp will make your day

Florida State head coach Willie Taggart was out participating in the Junior Noles camp for 1st-8th graders the past few days. That in itself is nothing noteworthy, but what reportedly Taggart did at that camp has folks talking.

The camp, which has run from 8am-1pm the past few days, apparently didn't cover lunch for the campers. According to a tweet from

Wow!! That's my coach!!@CoachTaggart you did a wonderful thing!#DidSomething🍢🍢🍢

— Palm Beach Nole (@Jroc1738) June 6, 2018

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Palm Beach Nole, Taggart asked one of the guys running the camp what the plan for lunch was for the 200 or so campers, and Taggart was told that lunch wasn't provided as part of the $230 fee for the kids to attend the camp. While the parents may have understood that lunch wasn't being provided, that wasn't going to fly with Taggart, so he told the guy "That's not happening, get on the phone and order some food for these kids." A short while later, a bunch of pizzas showed up. The next day all the kids had boxed lunches from Jimmie Johns, followed by an appearance from the ice cream truck that treated all the campers. The Palm Beach Nole account noted that he believes that Taggart footed the bill personally for the campers for three days of lunches. If that's the case, that's an incredible thing to do, I don't care what kind of money your contract says you're making. If the lunches were paid for some other way, it doesn't really matter to me, still credit Taggart for making sure the camp was run the right way and making sure kids that were putting in five hours of work for three days and their families paying $230 for a t-shirt and instruction were treated in a first-class manner. Below is the full tweet with more on the story.