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"Successful seasons are 75% culture and 25% scheme" and more on the importance of culture


Today, in Episode 2 of Beyond the Whistle on The FootballScoop Podcast, I had the opportunity to talk with Grapevine HS (TX) head coach Randy Jackson, who recently released a new book entitled Culture defeats Strategy (which you can order here).

As coaches, we love going to clincs and talking ball, and specifically, schemes, but when it comes to culture, coaches everywhere recognize it's value, yet there isn't a ton of discussion into how coaches create a culture within a program.

Coach Jackson and I had a great conversation aimed at changing that.

In the episode we cover quite a bit of ground, as Jackson explains why creating a successful culture within your program is paramount to long term success, how our view of culture today is similar to how coaches in the 70's and 80's viewed lifting weights, and why creating a successful culture is the new frontier in football everywhere. That, along with plenty more.

Coach Jackson and I's discussion was so good, that I couldn't fit everything we talked about into a single podcast, so we'll revisit culture next week (as many of you are traveling to the AFCA in Nashville) and get into the specifics on how he and his staff build culture, the two types of culture that exist in Jackson's opinion, and the single most important element to creating a culture, and having a successful program.

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