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With GPS chips now in NFL shoulder pads, coaches will love Next Gen Replays


Earlier this year the NFL announced a really cool partnership with a company named Zebra, who was charged with putting GPS chips in players shoulder pads to track their on-the-field movement, thus opening the door for some advanced statistical analysis and even what is being called Next Generation Replays.

All the info that Zebra is collecting is going to provide some really interesting data for NFL coaches and their staffs.


As far as replays go though, the introduction of the data chips is going to allow Microsoft (and Xbox users) a truly unique experience. For coaches, that means the unique ability to see what NFL teams are doing from an X and O standpoint, almost like it's playing out on an interactive chalkboard, which is really cool and exciting.

The Next Gen Replay will be accompanied on the screen by actual game video, player stats, speed of the highlighted player, and various other data.

Unfortunately, the technology will only be available on Microsoft products at first, initially via the NFL's Xbox One app, and Microsoft has plans to add an app for the Windows 10 operating system at a later date. With Microsoft and the NFL's public partnership, I wouldn't expect to see any of this available on either iPad or via Playstation 4.

Take a look at what the Next Gen Replays will look like below. Deadspin points out that once the full version rolls out, player names will be included in the video.