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With the one-shell rule gone, here are all the alternate and throwback helmets NFL teams have unveiled so far

Nearly half the NFL has plans to diversify their helmet portfolio.

In today's edition of Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, we bring you NFL alternate helmets.

The league adopted the one-shell rule in 2013, limiting teams to (obviously) one-shell they could use on game days, as a safety issue. Either the NFL discovered that one-shell rule did not enhance player safety or it's chunking player safety to the wind, because the one-shell rule is now gone, clearing the way for teams to add a second helmet to their uniform portfolio.

Only a handful of teams utilized multiple helmets in 2012 and before, but now, given new freedom, 14 teams will wear alternate or throwback lids in 2022 (or in some cases, beginning in 2023). We've catalogued them all for you below.


New England Patriots -- Pat Patriot is back.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Bucco Bruce and the beloved creamsicle throwbacks are coming back, albeit not until 2023.


Philadelphia Eagles -- Back by popular demand, the Eagles will revive their kelly green alts, although again not until next season.

eagles kelly green

Atlanta Falcons -- The Falcons were one of the rare teams that could, and did, wear throwbacks without violating the one-shell rule, donning their Jerry Glanville-era black throwback lids on occasion. They're still free to wear those, but the team has added the red throwbacks as well.

Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys will once again don their throwbacks on Thanksgiving Day.

New York Giants -- Big Blue will use the rule change to don... a different shade of blue.


New Orleans Saints -- The first team to announce an alternate helmets, the Saints are trading black-on-gold for gold-on-black.

Carolina Panthers -- The Panthers are also wearing black.

Arizona Cardinals -- And so are the Cardinals.

New York Jets -- And so are the Jets.

Washington Commanders -- As are the Commanders. The W on the forehead stands for Why Is the Decal On Our Forehead?


Philadelphia Eagles -- The Eagles are one of two teams that will use the rule change to wear two different helmets, though they won't be the last.

Houston Texans -- Proof that a color exists beyond black, the Texans will wear a red alternate.

Cincinnati Bengals -- The Bengals traded the orange shell for white, although one has to wonder how long before they add a third helmet with a black lid and orange stripes.

Chicago Bears -- Finally, an argument to put the one-shell rule back in place, so the Bears can't wear these eyesores on the field.