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Video: The worst call in NFL history may have taken place this weekend

Yesterday, after the Browns vs. Redskins game, I had a few people send me this clip of what might be the single worst call in NFL history.

Here's the clip for the full break down.

Now, I can understand the confusion if there's a scrum for the ball and 30 seconds later someone emerges with it after fighting off a number of other players. But this isn't like that. It is almost immediate. There's literally no judgement call to make on who recovered the fumble. The game wasn't even stopped to go to replay to get it right, and with the Browns driving to take the lead with less than 10 minutes left in the game the ball was instead ripped away and awarded to Washington. The NFL tried to explain the ruling by sharing the following:

Washington, who was up 24-20 at the time of the botched call, went on to win 31-20.