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The worst visitor's locker room in college football, according to Mike Leach

High school and college programs at every level travel to stadiums and temporarily store their stuff in some really sad looking locker rooms.

The most famous visitor's locker room has to be in Kinnick Stadium, where everything from the walls to the urinals and lockers are pink, thanks to a special touch from former head coach Haden Fry, put his degree in psychology to good use. In fact, a few years ago it the locker room at Kinnick bothered Michigan so much they gave it a temporary facelift while they were in town.

But the absolute worst locker room in college football? Coaches will have a different answer depending on where they've been, but Mike Leach says for him, it was at Mississippi State.

"Before the game, I did a whole walk-through and my heart swelled with pride," Leach shared with ESPN in a short video, with his eyes getting wider and wider. "Because I knew there may never be a better visitors locker room than this one."

Leach goes on to share how everything from the walls, to the floor and even the ceiling were made of concrete. Looking around, you'd find no furniture, benches, or even lockers in the whole place.

"However, on the wall, there were, and I counted them, 37 nails."

Then, Leach shares the most impressive part of all to him.

"In the middle of the locker room, there were two toilets, right beside each other. And there is no seats on the toilets either. Then, between the two toilets, is ONE roll of toilet paper between the two of them."

"The ultimate touch of brilliance."

Clearly, Iowa isn't the only one who believed in some psychological warfare in their visitor locker rooms.

See the full video here.