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Would you ever give your team a bowl ring for a game you lost?

Oklahoma State did not win the Big 12 last season. It did not win the Cotton Bowl, either. The Cowboys went 10-3 in 2013 - a successful season by just about anyone's measure - but those two facts are indisputable.

That hasn't stopped Mike Gundy from rewarding his team with bowl rings, however. 

Fifty wins in five seasons is a remarkable accomplishment, especially at a program that claims three 10-win seasons in its entire history prior to 2010. Oklahoma State hasn't always been a bad program. Its ups and downs are intermingled consistently throughout its history. The Pokes have never been as consistently good as they are now, though. 

I'm all for Gundy doing everything the rules allow to reward his players, but I'm not familiar with a team receiving championship rings without winning actually winning a championship of some sort. 

Am I the only one? Coaches, would you give your players rings if you didn't win your conference or your bowl?