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Would you rather have a team full of talent or experience?

Working with a talented Mountaineer secondary after having experience in 2021, Dontae Wright explains why the talent vs. experience question is such a good one.

Ask 1,000 head coaches and coordinators if they'd rather have a team full of talent or a team full of experience, and I think you'd get a mixed bag of answers.

Every coach in America is scouring the country for talent in recruiting, but then they spend all spring developing their roster before (largely) handing them off to the strength staff for the summer for further development in hopes that they're ready to take the field in the fall and gain invaluable experience.

So when fall comes, would you rather take the field with a team super talented, or loaded with experience?

West Virginia safeties coach Dontae Wright was asked a similar version of that question at a presser yesterday.

"See, I go back and forth with the talent or experience."

"Experience...when they are experienced and they are really smart then their talent is actually better than what they really are because where their smarts come into play, it gets them ahead of things. They see things before the offense is even doing it."

"Talent is just, 'Well okay, I'm just reacting to everything instead of seeing it ahead of time. That's where experience has the overlap for them."

"So I don't have I like talent or do I like experience. I like guys that want to be great and I like guys that have the ability to go out there and do what I ask them to do."

I'm with Wright on that.

Wright goes on to share how they didn't their experienced group in the secondary last year to do things they weren't good at, like play man-to-man

"We had experience last year, and they could go out there and do what we asked them to do. We've got talent this year, and they can go out there and do everything we ask them to do."

Hear more from him in the clip.