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Would you run a marathon to raise money for charity?

Tim Landis

Credit: Lycoming College athletics

Would you run a marathon to raise money for charity?

I'm going to start by answering my own question: No. Most of us wouldn't. But Lycoming College assistant coach Tim Landis did.

Landis has lived the last decade with cervical dystonia, a non-life threatening neurological disorder that causes painful spasms in his neck. Landis has coached through the discovery, diagnosis and management of the disease, and on Saturday he raised money to help others battling it.

He competed in the Hilton Head Island Marathon on Saturday while running for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.

"For a couple years, I had been thinking about doing another marathon, but I wanted to do it for a cause," Landis said. "I wanted to raise funds or awareness for a worthy cause. In discussion with my wife, we talked about doing it for dystonia because it is something I live with every day. In talking to the DMRF, they liked the idea and gave me my choice of races, so I got online and the Hilton Head Island Marathon was one that was suggested to me. I wanted to run one at this time of the year to set a goal. This is a busy time for recruiting in football. This was a good way to make sure I continued to move toward a goal in running while also working on recruiting. It helps to not get stale or complacent."

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