For the second straight year, an upstart spring football league will not finish its inaugural season.

The Alliance of American Football famously ran out of money, while the XFL met an end that was completely unforeseeable in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With social distancing in full affect across the country and no end in sight, the XFL announced Friday it has canceled the remainder of its 2020 season.

The season ends with the standings looking as follows:

1. DC Defenders — 3-2
1. St. Louis BattleHawks — 3-2
1. New York Guardians — 3-2
4. Tampa Bay Vipers — 1-4

1. Houston Roughnecks — 5-0
2. Dallas Renegades — 2-3
2. LA Wildcats — 2-3
4. Seattle Dragons — 1-4

Unlike the AAF, the XFL will return in 2021 with a second attempt to finish an entire season (unless Vince McMahon runs out of money).

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