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Yet another example why Nick Saban is the king of recruiting

NCAA FOOTBALL 2011- January 1- Capital One Bowl- Alabama vs Michigan State

The Angelo Football Clinic released its 2015 schedule earlier this week, which can be found here. The festivities get underway Tuesday, June 16. Let's take a look at the list of speakers and play "One of these is not like the other." For purposes of this article we'll look only at college and high school coaches.

10 a.m.: Jeff Lebby, Baylor
11:30 a.m.: Vance Bedford, Texas
1 p.m.: Jeff Traylor, Texas
2:30 p.m.: Bo Davis, Alabama
4 p.m.: Will Wagner/Theron Aych, Angelo State
5:30 p.m.: Tom Herman, Houston
7 p.m.: Steve Wood, Aledo High School
8:30 p.m.: Rodney Webb, Rockwall High School

The Angelo Football Clinic is a captive audience of hundreds and hundreds of Texas high school football coaches. That's all it is. And speaking to them on the first day of the clinic will be: the passing game coordinator at a major Texas university, the defensive and special teams coordinator at a major Texas university, the head coach at a major Texas university, the head coach and offensive coordinator at a Division II Texas university, two major Texas high school football coaches... and Alabama's defensive line coach.

The only out-of-state voice those Texas coaches will hear from will be Nick Saban's defensive line coach.

It's the same story on Wednesday and Thursday, with Tulsa head coach (and former Baylor/Houston offensive coordinator and Texas high school coach) Philip Montgomery, TCU co-offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie and co-defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow, Texas A&M special teams coordinator Jeff Banks, UTEP defensive coordinator Scott Stoker, and a handful of Texas high school coaches. The lone exception is Kansas State defensive coordinator Tom Hayes.

Last year's clinic (which your humble columnist had the pleasure of attending) included a more diverse set of speakers, with representatives from Auburn, Florida State, Florida, Oklahoma State... and Lane Kiffin.

Other staffs come and go, but Saban's staff is always there. Maybe they'll sign a Texas kid, maybe they won't - the Tide's last three classes have yielded a five-star defensive tackle, a five-star defensive back and two four-star defensive backs from the Lone Star State - but Alabama always has a presence in one of the largest gatherings of Texas high school coaches every year.

It's yet another example of how many staffs go the extra mile in recruiting, but Saban goes the extra mile and a half.