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Yet another fake Twitter account is trying to scam recruits

There is no shortage of prospective high school football recruits who covet offers from SEC schools and, sadly, no shortage of scumbags more than willing to turn those kids' desires into to their own financial gain.

The latest example comes from @CoachLHughes, who is not a real person, but is attempting to rip off the identity of Drew Hughes, who is a real person and until recently worked as the director of player personnel at Tennessee.

The account claims to be Luke Hughes, but uses a picture of Hughes in order to scam recruits out of $20.

Last fall, someone impersonated Kansas recruiting coordinator Jeff Hecklinski and then charged recruits to have their tape evaluated by the staff of a recruiting service he supposedly ran on the side.

Tuesday's scam is an opportunity for high school and college coaches to emphasize the following points to high school players and their families:

1) Legit college coaches do not run recruiting services on the side.

2) Legit college coaches will not ask players for money.

3) Legit scholarship offers do not come over Twitter.

Sadly, the @CoachLHughes saga will not be the last example of a lowlife trying to profit off of kids' hopes and dreams, but hopefully as they pop up the rest of us can shout them back into the holes these lowlifes crawled out of.