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You should be watching Cal's docu-series "The Grind"


I'm not saying Cal's "The Grind" is the best training camp docu-series in college football, but I will say there isn't one better than this. 

Outside of the content, which includes a talk from Herman Edwards and a whiffleball home run derby in addition to looks and practice and interviews with players and coaches, the cinematography is absolutely incredible.

"You have to invest, and when you invest your heart and soul into something it's very difficult for it to not be successful," head coach Sonny Dykes says. "You're going to fight and scratch and do everything you can to be successful, and I think that's the biggest thing our players have done is improve in that area. They're just more invested, and it's fun to see that. We still have miles and miles and miles to go, but we're progressing daily."