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"Young men can't learn life lessons in other sports the same way they do in football."

Bruce Arians is well known as a coach that is going to speak his mind, no filter necessary.

He's gone on record about everything from how being a spread quarterback in college requires "no leadership," why his staff game plans for the officials that are assigned to them, and why people who won't let their sons play football are "fools."

Arians officially announced his retirement after the Cardinals final game of the season, and MMQB got him to answer a few questions about a number of topics ranging from why he hates the West Coast offense, to what he'll miss the most about coaching.

However, it was his response to MMQB asking "Why should football survive?" that really caught my attention.

"Young men can’t learn life lessons in other sports the way they do in football," Arians opened by saying.

"It’s tough. You learn yourself. You learn who you really are. You learn how to be a man playing this game. I played all those other sports. I know the risks in football, and there is new information coming out. I really wish that someone would study CTE in soccer players, hockey players, other than just football players. My wife was in two bad car accidents. I would love to know if she has a chance of having some problem and how they would fix it."

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