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Your opportunity to be a featured contributor to the 2020 FootballScoop Online Clinic

Over the past several days we've been kicking around a number of ideas as a FootballScoop staff knowing that coaches everywhere are out of their offices, away from their teams and coaching buddies, and doing their best to practice social distancing.

We all agreed that this unconventional down time is a great opportunity for the coaching community to get involved in the greatest platform the coaching community has by contributing to the 2020 FootballScoop Online Clinic. Starting next week, we'll line up featured speakers and then moderate these sessions to be shared on FootballScoop.

With so many coaches with time on their hands looking for ways to get better, we decided to begin to formulate ideas on a way to give coaches a voice and to use our platform to hold daily clinics.

The vision is to host live sessions via Zoom once or twice a day that will operate just like any other clinic talk, except the chosen presenter will share their screen and walk everyone through their presentation and/or film clips. We'll help throughout that process to get speaker acclimated, and record the sessions before later posting an article of that recorded video for the coaching community to view on the site. One of the many really cool things about Zoom is the ability to join from your computer OR your cell phone.

We're looking to cover a variety of topics ranging from leadership and culture to various topics on offense (RPOs, no huddle, Wing-T, Single wing, practice structure, position drills, etc.) and defense (cover 4 variations, 3x1 and 2x2 checks, blitz's, run pressures, defending the T and single wing, etc.) and everything in between.

Our plan is for this to adapt and evolve and really become something special. Being a featured speaker will give you the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind audience on the top platform for football coaches at all levels there is.

We've already been at work lining up a few exciting speakers, but to be considered for one of the Online Clinic Speaking roles please fill out this Google Form.

Direct questions or other inquiries to me via DM @CoachSamz or to and we will be in touch as we fill speaking slots.