Army and Navy famously break out new uniforms each time they play each other, but those are not the only service academies in FBS, and they are not the only service academies with a special series of uniforms.

The Falcons trot out their Air Power Legacy Series kits each season; you may recall these bad boys from 2016.

The 2018 editions were released Monday, honoring the AC-130 gunship, introduced in 1966 and retired in 2015. As you’ll see, the level of detail on the helmet is rivaled only by Navy’s helmets for the 2015 Army-Navy game.

For comparison, here’s how the Navy lids looked.

The helmets have two different decals on top of a dark gray jersey and pant combination.

Here’s the hype video Air Force released to announce the uniforms.

No word yet on when the AC-130 uniforms will hit the field.

(Photo credit: Uniswag)

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