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A youth football dad turned himself in to cops after allegedly putting his son's coach in a choke hold

A New Jersey man was arrested this week after police say he put another person in a choke hold.

That other person? His son's 16-year-old football coach.

The alleged reason? The coach took the man's son out of a youth football game.

A typical Saturday football game between 6-to-8 year-olds turned violent when Peter Iappelli, a 50-year-old school administrator from Closter, N.J., near the Hudson River and the New York state border, placed the coach in a choke hold and had to be pried off by fellow parents. He was then chased from the game and has now been banned for life.

Police received multiple reports of the assault, according to

"(Iappelli's) son was the quarterback but he was rotated out of that position by the coach," North Jersey NFL Flag Football league commissioner Fred Kritzer told the site. "The coach even informed the parents of the rotation. That's when the guy got very upset."

Iappelli allegedly approached the coach for what the coach assumed was a handshake. Instead, Iappelli gripped the coach in what appeared to be a bearhug that turned into a choking event, with the father yelling expletives at the teenager.

Iappelli later apologized to the league commissioner, fellow parents and his victim via email.

The victim's father pressed charges on Monday, and Iappelli surrendered himself to police on Wednesday. He is set to be arraigned on Oct. 20.