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A youth league has instituted a significant fine and suspension for winning by too much

Mercy rules in football generally serve a noble purpose, as they allow the game to be shortened with a running play clock, and encourages teams to get more players in the game, among other things.

But what if, instead of the mercy rules we're all used to, there instead was a rule that penalized coaches for winning by too much?

That's what has apparently happened in the Keystone youth league in Philadelphia, PA. Former NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith, who played for the Ravens, Niners, Eagles, and Panthers during his eight year career, tweeted that a youth team in his wife's hometown won a game 36-0.

The league has a strict punishment for coaches who win by more than 31 points. That punishment? A fine of $500 and a two games suspension.

Smith went on to make a number of really good points about the one-of-a-kind punishment for coaches.

I'd venture a guess that 90% of youth leagues are coached by dads volunteering their time with kids on the team, so how does hitting them in the pocketbook and a two-game suspension solve anything?

Is this the only youth league out there doing something this outrageous? Would love to hear if they're not via DM @CoachSamz, or via email at