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Since 1999 – The premier source for coaching job information.

To post a job or send scoop (sources always remain confidential): – 225.229.3429 – @FootballScoop

About FootballScoop

Since 1999 our viewership has steadily risen to the point where today we get nearly 2 million monthly visitors. Far and away the largest website of its kind, FootballScoop has become the most read website by college & high school football coaches in the nation.

With over 145,000 followers on Twitter & with an average of nearly 1 millions page views per week, FootballScoop is a highly effective platform to reach football coaches.

In May 2021 we entered into an agreement to become a Sports Illustrated Media Network partner which we expect to further fuel our growth as a company. 

Our Staff

Scott Roussel

Scott@FootballScoop - 225.229.3429 - @FootballScoop

Scott Roussel - Our President since 2008, Scott oversees daily operations. An outstanding high school athlete (he wrote that), he chose to go pro in something other than playing football (i.e. he couldn’t break a 5.0 40 yard dash). Prior to purchasing FootballScoop, Scott served as a vice president of The Shaw Group, a Fortune 500 company, for eight years.

Doug@FootballScoop – 231.769.3982 – @CoachSamz

Doug@FootballScoop – 231.769.3982 – @CoachSamz

Doug Samuels - Content manager – Doug took the reins in 2011 and the website has been better ever since. A former college player and small college coach, Doug now serves as head coach at Comstock Park HS (MI).

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Zach Barnett - National columnist – Zach joined the staff in 2012…and has been attempting to improve Doug and Scott’s writing ability ever since (to little avail). A father of three, Zach lives outside Fort Worth, Texas. - @JohnDBrice1 - @JohnDBrice1

John Brice - National college football features & reporter - John Brice has spent more than two decades covering football at all levels. Primarily focusing on the collegiate ranks in the SEC, including deep coverage of the Tennessee Vols' program & work as a sideline reporter & TV analyst, plus coverage on the Notre Dame & Ohio State beats, Brice has seen about every kind of story. But he's still looking to tell the really good stories, at least when he isn't traveling with his wife.

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