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Strength Scoop

Wednesday May 13, 2009

South Alabama: The Strength and Conditioning staff at the University of South Alabama would like to invite you to the first University of South Alabama Strength and Conditioning Camp on May 23, 2009. This one-day seminar will provide you with information on different styles of training and how to incorporate them into your program. Founder of Westside Barbell, Louie Simmons, will be speaking on several different aspects of training, including implementation of conjugate periodization, importance of max effort training, the box squat as it pertains to power development, and speed-strength/strength speed development. The Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at Mississippi State University, Erik Korem, will be speaking on linear speed development. To conclude the day, the University of South Alabama's Head Football Strength and Conditioning coach, Justin Schwind, will be speaking on the importance of incorporating competition into your off-season program. The schedule will consist of:

  • Registration from 8am to 8:30
  • Morning session from 8:30-12pm
  • Lunch from 12-1:15
  • Afternoon session from 1:15-4:45
  • Conclude the day with a Q&A session from 4:45-5pm.

For additional information, refer to We look forward to hearing back from you and welcome your participation. If you have any questions, email Brittany Allison, graduate assistant for Strength and Conditioning, at