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Strength Scoop - Friday February 21, 2020

Friday February 21, 2020


Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Football Strength and Conditioning Department is seeking highly motivated intern candidates for the 2020 Summer Semester May 28 – July 29). The Wisconsin strength and conditioning internship program is designed to provide the opportunity to work with Division I student-athletes and develop the hands-on skills to start a successful career as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach. The experience gained during this non-paid internship will be achieved through: 1) Hard Work, the work load will be high, which will ensure that the individual involved and staff gain equal benefit from the internship, as well as allow ample opportunity for the intern to have a realistic experience of the profession. 2) Administrative duties as assigned by the staff – Administrative duties such as setup and daily maintenance will provide experience in the upkeep of the facility. These duties will increase in intensity as initiative and trust is established between all parties involved. 3) Teach proper techniques for Olympic lifts, power lifts, mobility, core, and speed development exercises. 4) Motivating student-athletes to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of performance. 5) Presentation to Strength Staff at end of semester; Presentation will include a brief overview of assigned S&C related book, findings from two-offsite visits taken during semester, and explaining a 52-Week S&C Program developed for Collegiate Football Athletes. Applicants must submit a cover letter, resume, and professional references to Kyle Costigan at KJC@Athletics.Wisc.Edu as well as fill out a short survey at

Ford Sports Performance (Bellevue, WA):Physical Trainer Program - Spring & Summer - Length 9 weeks (Non-Paid) -Looking for applicants in/near Seattle Washington. Ford Sports Performance is a result-driven facility that specializes in sports performance training for professional, college, high school, youth athletes and not excluding adults that want to stay in shape. As a company and family, we strive to help our athletes at all levels improve performance to accomplish their steadily evolving goals; from NFL players’ journey to All-pro through training, assisting collegiate athletes refine their skills and goals, high school athletes working to become NCAA qualified to helping youth target vital muscle groups to create a foundation of early injury prevention. We treat every person that walks through our facility equally. Individuals who give FSP 100% of their commitment and effort during any program will be able to maximize their full potential. During your time at FSP, we will share the majority of our methods as a company in exchange for your development as an active member of the local sports community. We want to improve your knowledge of sports, marketing, and business. Interns are required to learn all FSP kinetic training methods and pass a midterm test to prove eligible (if interested) for employment beyond the internship. Interns must be willing to improve and perform procedures on methods such as (not limited to): basic testing - appointment setting - administrative tasks - building a personal network within the community - undergo adaptation to selling opportunities - brand acquisition - high level of customer service. For us to continue to be the best in the Northwest, finding quality representatives that know how to expand the FSP brand is essential. Input on what will help us grow as a company is always welcome, encouraged and essential to growth. If you are interested in applying for this internship please email with your resume and brief introduction.