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Friday October 2, 2015

Friday October 2, 2015


Please join us in praying for former MIT (D-III - MA) and Merrimack (D-III - MA) assistant William Ryan drowned after trying to save his boat earlier this week. Ryan had most recently been serving as a freshman coach for the Swampscott HS (MA) football team

Florida Tech (D-II): Florida Tech is looking to fill their 2017/18 schedule. Open dates for 2017 are 9/2, 9/09 or 10/14. Interested in scheduling D-II or FCS. Please contact head coach Steve Englehart at 321-674-8230 or email at

RPO Tweaks to Combat Common Defensive Adjustments: Since the release of X&O Labs’ special report on run/pass option concepts last January, defenses have done their due diligence in preparing to defend them. X&O Labs found that most of these defensive answers relied upon tactics such as the following: playing more man coverage structures on the back end, inside leveraging the number three receiver to defend the stick draw concept, overloading coverage to trips formations and using halves coverage players as run/pass defenders. So X&O Labs went back through their research to present a menu of viable solutions to these defensive adjustments. These tweaks can be implemented today and used this weekend against any of the aforementioned defensive counterpoints. See these RPO tweaks: Go here.

Cal: Asked about a contract extension for Sonny Dykes, who has the Golden Bears in the top 25 with a 4-0 start to the season, AD Mike Williams says that he is encouraged by the future of the program but “I don’t know what I may or may not want to be doing contract-wise. Football coaches and their representatives and athletic directors are always talking. We have ongoing conversations with Sonny’s representatives.” Williams added that "there are contractual limitations that are beyond" his control. Dykes earns $2 million in base pay (bottom of the Pac-12) and signed a five-year deal upon being hired in 2012.