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Saturday January 7, 2012

Saturday January 7, 2012

In San Antonio - Stay in touch. 225.229.3429

Most of the Staff have arrived. About to head out and get the Scoop. Bar Rojo tonight for the Saints / Lions game @ 7pm. We'll fill you in throughout the night on what we're hearing.

UC Davis: We have learned that Kevin Daft will join the staff coaching the receivers / co-offensive coordinator we're told. Quarterbacks coach Tim Plough will also have the co-offensive coordinator title we're told and is expected to call the plays. 

FAU: Sources tell us that Northern Iowa defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Jovan Dewitt will coach the linebackers at FAU.

Pitt: Paul Chryst officially announced the hires we've been telling you about for the past week or so. Bostad will serve as OC / OL. Joe Rudolph will be assistant head coach / quarterbacks. Jim Hueber will coach the tight ends. Dave Huxtable will serve as defensive coordinator and Chris Waering as linebackers coach. Todd Rice is also coming on board as head strength coach (same position he held at N.C. State). 

Penn State: Larry Johnson has been retained. Sources tell us his title will likely either be defensive coordinator or assistant head coach. To be determined soon enough as Bill O'Brien stated that he plans to have his full staff in place in "2-3 days". 

New England Patriots: This morning word broke that the Patriots had gone ahead and hired Josh McDaniels as an offensive assistant for now...becoming offensive coordinator after this season. Peter King put the word out since that the deal isn't done yet. We'll keep you posted. 

Kansas City Chielfs: Romeo Crennel will be named head coach. 

Penn State: Bill O'Brien's deal is 5 years. $950,000 paid by the school, reportedly about $2.3 million per all in (including Nike money, etc...). More details to come.