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The Scoop - Friday November 4, 2016

Friday November 4, 2016


Ed Orgeron: Appearing on Russillo & Kanell Friday, O said of not getting the USC job, "Maybe I'm not the country club guy they wanted. But to hell with them."

Denver Broncos: Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips told the Denver Post he's considering coaching from the box this weekend after his collision on Sunday. "I'm in some pain and I really don't want to get hit again," he said.

How college recruiting has become more like football recruiting.

Mississippi State: Mississippi State will introduce John Cohen as its next athletics director today. Cohen is the Bulldogs' baseball coach. Update>>Cohen has now formally been announced as the school's new AD.

Eastern Michigan: Playing on election night, EMU will wear really cool and creative helmets with a presidential theme.

Course Correction: How much time and money have you spent in the last year on player education and development? Are all of your players behaving as they should? Take a smarter approach to problem behavior. Course Correction Behavioral Interventions, Inc. is the professional behavior team with the experience and expertise to prevent and manage player misconduct. Behavior can be reliably understood, predicted, and changed. By determining the person-specific antecedents, behaviors and consequences that lead to and maintain problem behavior, we can make precise and individualized adjustments that prevent problems and teach new, desirable behaviors. Make us part of your team today.

Warm Up: 5 ways to better connect with people, brilliant ad aimed at Cubs fans, and an interesting hiding spot for Halloween candy. Friday's One Minute Warm Up.

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