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The Scoop - Friday October 27, 2017

Friday October 27, 2017


Baltimore Ravens: Senior VP Kevin Byrne went to the hospital and received a heart stent yesterday after not feeling "right" during pregame, per Chris Mortensen. Mort adds that Byrne feels great and will be released from the hospital in a matter of hours.

Northern Illinois: The Huskies reaching bowl eligibility last night with a 30-27 OT win over Eastern Michigan means that AD Sean Frazier is set up for a $5,000 bonus, and assistant coaches will get an amount equal to 1 month's pay, per Steve Berkowitz.

Uniform Update: If technology companies like Facebook, Instagram, etc. were football teams

Cincinnati Christian (NAIA):Cincinnati Christian University in Cincinnati, OH is looking to schedule a game on September 1, 2018. Looking to play FCS/Div II/Div III or NAIA opponent. Please contact Trevor Zeiders at

Having a hard time getting players to buy into your program? Here's an idea

Head Coaching Salaries: USA Today has released their 2017 head coaches salaries database.

Clemson: Brent Venables explains the costly play calling mistake too many offensive coordinators make.

"Kids today believe correction is criticism" - Tony Robichaux. Excellent read / short video on what coaches deal with today.