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The Scoop - Monday November 7, 2016

Monday November 7, 2016


Bemidji State (D-II - MN): Head coach Jeff Tesch has been fired, according a statement released by the coach and the Inter Faculty Organization union, though the school maintains Tesch remains an employee. The IFO plans to fire a grieveance against the school, according to the Bemidji Pioneer. Tesch was placed on administrative leave on Aug. 30.

FIU: "The choice is up to [Butch] Davis at this point whether to accept the job" reports Dan Wolken of USA Today. Wolken reports that FIU is not conducting any further search activities at this time. Wolken adds that the school is "unlikely to announce a deal in the near future" though.

Quick reminder to schedule time to go vote tomorrow. Big day for the future of our country. God bless the United States of America.

Cincinnati:Tommy Tuberville has issued an apology following Saturday's outburst directed at a fan.

Atlanta Falcons: GM Thomas DiMitroff has been rewarded with a 3-year contract extension. The Falcons are off to a 6-3 start this season.

Coastal Carolina: Head coach Joe Moglia is taking his entire team to the polls tomorrow to vote.

Warm Up: A big reason why Wake Forest is now bowl-eligible, Golden Tate's overtime TD was a metaphor, and a video that will have you riveted. Monday's One Minute Warm Up.

Sunday's Scoop: Scroll it on down for updates at FIU, Oregon...and Chip Kelly.

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