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The Scoop - Monday October 31, 2016

Monday October 31, 2016


Nick Saban: According to Tom Arnold and Bob Arum, Saban was really close to becoming the head coach of the New York Giants this past off season. #OneBoldPrediction comes to mind...

Concordia University (NAIA - NE): After eight seasons leading the program, head coach Vance Winter has decided to resign following the completion of the 2016 season. Winter spent a total of 12 seasons on the staff at Concordia, and has gone 39-44 leading the team. Winter ranks fifth in all-time wins at the school.

Denver Broncos: Very happy to report that Wade Phillips was released from the hospital last night following a sideline collision and is expected to be back with the team today.

Dabo is 16-2 in 1-score games since 2011. His secret: "You either make plays to win or you don't."

Nick Saban: Coach Saban turned 65 today. Speaking with reporters he said he only got one present. Our bet is this one was Lane's idea.

Course Correction: Despite your best efforts, player misconduct happens. Take a smarter approach to dealing with problem behavior. Course Correction Behavioral Interventions, Inc. is the professional behavior team with the experience and expertise to prevent and manage player misconduct. Behavior can be reliably understood, predicted, and changed. By determining the person-specific antecedents, behaviors and consequences that lead to and maintain problem behavior, we can make precise and individualized adjustments that prevent problems and teach new, desirable behaviors. Make us part of your team today.

Warm Up: An insensitive banner made by cheerleaders, Hawaii wore special Pearl Harbor helmets, PurdueDogs, and Lion King cam will make you smile. Monday's One Minute Warm Up.

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