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The Scoop - Thursday October 4, 2018

Thursday October 4, 2018


Division II: After being kicked out of Kansas City, the NCAA has announced the home of this year's Division II National Championship. The venue won't be a surprise to regular Scoop readers.

SEC: The SEC has extended commissioner Greg Sankey's contract through "at least" 2023. Sankey has run the conference since June 1, 2015.

Lane Kiffin: The hilarious story behind how Lane Kiffin's coaching career accidently began is SO GOOD!

Wichita State: Two years ago, Wichita State was making noise about re-starting its dormant football game. What ever happened there?

FAU: Frank Diaz, who coached the quarterbacks during Season 3 of Last Chance U at Independence CC (JC - KS), has joined the staff at FAU.

#WarmUp: Rules expert states that the play clock is merely a "guideline." Wait. What?? Thursday's One Minute Warm Up.

In-Season Workouts: Why train your players for 9 months if you don’t continue workouts during the time that truly matters? Athletes shouldn’t peak during training camp, they should peak during championship week. X&O Labs asks if you’re making these in-season weight room mistakes? Go here. 

Coaching Salary Database: See who the highest paid coaches are in college football are, what their buyout is, and much more in our run down of the latestUSA Today Coaches Salary Database.