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The Scoop - Thursday September 6, 2018

Thursday September 6, 2018


New York Giants: Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey has revealed he was diagnosed with cancer during the off-season. He is going through chemotherapy treatments now but plans to be at the Giants' Week 1 game vs. Jacksonville on Sunday.

Video proof of why you never give up on a play.

NFL: Falcons at the Eagles tonight.... 8:20ET on NBC.

Quote of the day: "Leadership is not about being the best. Leadership is about making everyone else better." -- PS - The Warm Up is loaded.

Nebraska: The Director of Football Creative and Engagement is responsible for creating the strategies to enhance the University of Nebraska’s football brand across all digital mediums. The position will also be responsible for developing the football program’s social media strategy to engage recruits and the fan base. Additionally, the position will be responsible to create and manage the program’s content calendar and produce said content (Photos, Graphics and Video) for its main social media accounts. Recruiting responsibilities will include creating and pushing out individual and targeted content for recruits. It will also be vital that the position explores and implements emerging strategies within the field to enhance content production and keep the program on the cutting edge. To learn more or apply please visit this link.

Looking for help in your creative department? There's a high school prospect you may want to recruit

Southern Virginia University (D-III): SVU is looking for two opponents for the 2019 and 2020 season. SVU will begin playing in the ODAC in 2019. Looking for D-III opponents for weeks 1, 2 or 11. Interested programs can email for inquiries.

Willie Taggart: Taggart believes Virginia Tech players were faking injuriesto slow Florida State's tempo offense down.

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Remembering the Day college football's Big Red Wall fell

Michigan: U-M president Dr. Mark Schlissel told the Detroit Economic Club that Jim Harbaugh is not on the hot seat. “He’s under contract for four more years," Schlissel shared.